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Smooth Cafe loves Girl Scouts!

Congratulations on planning your Birthplace Bound adventure!

We want to be your first choice for dining while at the Birthplace, and are eager to meet any needs or special circumstances you may have, especially dietary needs and restriction. We think that everyone in your group should get to have a tasty, freshly prepared and reasonably priced meal (that isn’t from a ziploc bag in a backpack) even if they can’t eat all the same things as everyone else!

We also welcome you and your troop to eat your lunch in our air-conditioned cafe, provided you are within our capacity requirements (35) While many places in the Historic District offer Girl Scout lunches, most of them expect or require you to take your lunches elsewhere. Elsewhere can often be raining, or hot, or even cold, sometimes! We will always do our best to accommodate you if you wish to eat in. A great deal of the time though, it is really comfortable and memorable to eat your lunch under the mossy oaks in Wright or Chippewa Square.

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